Will the price be displayed on my order? It is a gift.

Orders will display the price by default, but if you send me an email specifying that it is a gift, then I can manually hide the pricing for you! 

I submitted my email address but the discount was not applied to cart, how can I apply the discount again?

The discount doesn't appear on your cart, but when you go to checkout you will see it there! If it isn't then you can manually enter CHROMA10 to apply it.


Do you paint all of these images?

Yeah! I paint all of these digitally on my iPad using Procreate.

I don't see a specific artist/person on your website, will you ever add them?

I have a fairly extensive list of people and ideas to paint so it's highly possible that I might get to it if it's a musician. I also host contests on my instagram where a winning follower gets to pick the next person I paint. So come check out my account @nashid.chroma if you're interested in participating.

Do you do any custom work?

Unfortunately at the moment I am not taking on an retail commissions. However I am accepting commercial projects on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact me to discuss details! :)


I made a mistake, can I change/cancel my order?

This is such a frustrating experience, and we'd love to help if we can! Once orders are placed they get sent to our printing partner automatically and orders can start being fulfilled anywhere from in a few days to immediately. If your order is unfulfilled we would gladly love to assist, just send us an email!

*Please note that although we try our best to check emails consistently, the turn around time is 24h. We are terribly sorry in advanced if we could not adjust your order in time. In these cases we will try our best to help on a case by case basis.

Can I return/ exchange my order?

Unfortunately all prints are final sale because they are printed on demand. We're sorry about the inconvenience!

However, we can most definitely refund or exchange apparel, just shoot us an email and we'd love to help!

I didn't receive my order confirmation, can you help me?

Most of the time, the order confirmation email can wind up in your junk mail folder! Take a peek there to see and if it isn't then we'd love to help you out :)

My tracking says delivered but I have not received my item, what should I do?

We're terribly sorry for this frustrating experience. If this happens we advice that you check in with your neighbors and try to check low visibility areas around your house first. And in the case that you're in an apartment building, try checking in with your concierge if you have one!

Secondly, your local postal service might be able to provide additional information about the whereabouts of your package.

If all of this isn't successful, please reach out to us and we'd love to assist you as best as possible :)


How long does shipping usually take?

Shipments to the States takes around 11 days on average, and shipments outside the states takes around 11 - 20 days!

COVID UPDATE - Due to couriers having to take extra precaution at borders, international orders could take an additional 20 business days to complete. However, this is quickly coming back to normal as the pandemic is being dealt with globally!

How does the work get packaged and shipped?

Prints are rolled securely, wrapped with tissues, then placed in a sturdy cardboard tube. 

Framed prints and Canvases are wrapped with tissues and placed in a padded box!

My tracking information hasn't updated, what can I do?

This has been more common as there have been growing delays due to COVID19 cases rising again. Your parcel isn't lost. it's probably being held for inspection. Please allow an additional 10 business days after the last tracking update. If after this period nothing has changed then please let me know and I will investigate the issue!

Where is my order coming from?

We work with a printing company that has locations around the world. Prints are produced and shipped from the States, Canada, Latvia, Spain, and Australia.

Apparel is currently being shipped predominately from the States, with some select items are also being shipped from Canada (Champion Crewnecks)

My item was "returned to sender", what can I do?

We're terribly sorry this happened! This can happen because of a few reasons, but please reach out to us and we would be glad to assist you with a reshipment or a refund!


What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment solution that gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later - with no interest! When you complete a purchase with Sezzle, we will process your order just like you paid in full, but you will have only paid a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?

A. Select Sezzle as your payment method during checkout.

B. New Sezzle customers will need to create a Sezzle account, returning Sezzle customers will need to login.

C. Sezzle will do a soft credit check for approval of the transaction.

D. As little as 25% is due at the time of the purchase, with the remaining amount spread out over equal installments (typically three), each two weeks apart.

E. Sezzle automates the remaining payments through whichever payment method is on file.

F. No interest or processing fees are charged to you - as long as you pay everything off on time, you only pay for what you ordered!

Does Sezzle hurt my credit score?

Sezzle will not have an impact on your credit - they do not perform hard credit checks. Instead, they perform "soft checks" by reviewing your credit score as part of their risk check.

Is Sezzle secure?

Your security is of utmost importance to us too! Sezzle undergos quarterly scans and yearly audits to ensure your data is safely stored in our systems – and to maintain compliance at the highest level in the Payment Card Industry (PCI): PCI Level 1.

Who can use Sezzle?

To use Sezzle, you must be 18 years or older* and have a valid phone number based out of either the United States or Canada.

You will also need to have an email address as well as a payment method ready at checkout - we accept all major debit and credit cards, and you can also link a bank account directly. At this time, prepaid cards are not able to be used to place orders, but you can use them to pay off existing orders.

*You must be 19 years or older in Alabama, or if you are a ward of the state and live in Nebraska.

How do I sign up for Sezzle?

You can either sign up and get your account set up directly through the Sezzle website, or you can sign up as you check out at Nashid Chroma! Either option will walk you through the same signup process.

To get signed up, you will need to have a working phone number based out of the US or Canada, as well as a payment method (debit/credit card or bank account) to link to your account.

Why was my order not approved?

We try to offer all applicants a simple payment plan through Sezzle, but unfortunately, we’re not always able to approve every order. Our system assesses every order individually, taking into account your available funds, outstanding orders, and the total cost of the order you’re trying to place. If you’re not approved for any reason, we’ll notify you right away.Here are a few reasons you may have been denied:

A. Insufficient funds. Typically, we check to make sure you have at least 25% of the total order cost available at the time you place an order.

B. Too new to Sezzle. The longer you use Sezzle, the better your chances of getting approved. Usually, we’re less restrictive after the first six weeks.

C. Outstanding balance(s). The amount you owe on previous orders and the number of open orders on your account both impact your chances of being approved by Sezzle. Paying off your outstanding balances can improve your chances of getting approved.

D. Order value. Reducing the total cost of your order, or splitting it into two or three smaller transactions, can improve your chances of getting approved.

E. Payments linked to your account. Adding another debit or credit card to your Sezzle account helps us understand your repayment ability, which can help get you approved.

F. Keep in mind: Just because you’re not approved today, doesn’t mean you won’t be tomorrow. Every order is unique – so keep using Sezzle!

For More Information About Sezzle please browse Sezzle's FAQ's here https://sezzle.com/faq/shopper or reach out via email to shoppersupport@sezzle.com

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