The price changes when I go to check out why am I being charged more?

You are not being charged additionally for anything! My website's default currency is CAD so when you go to checkout, the system shows the CAD price which is higher than the USD price.

Will the price be displayed on my order? It is a gift.

Orders will display the price by default, but if you leave me a note at checkout saying that it is a gift, then I can manually hide the pricing for you! 

I submitted my email address but the discount was not applied to cart, how can I apply the discount again?

The discount doesn't appear on your cart, but when you go to checkout you will see it there! If it isn't then you can manually enter CHROMA10 to apply it.


Do you paint all of these images?

Yeah! I paint all of these digitally on my iPad using Procreate.

I don't see a specific artist/person on your website, will you ever add them?

I have a fairly extensive list of people and ideas to paint so it's highly possible that I might get to it if it's a musician. I also host contests on my instagram where a winning follower gets to pick the next person I paint. So come check out my account @nashid.chroma if you're interested in participating.

Do you do any custom work?

I do! I have a limited number of slots so I assess each potential project before deciding which ones are a fit. If you have a cool and creative idea, contact me and we can discuss whether we can make your vision come to life! I also offer a discount on celebrity work.


How long does shipping usually take?

Shipments to the States takes around 7 days on average, and shipments outside the states takes around 10 - 14 days!

How does the work get packaged and shipped?

Prints are rolled securely, wrapped with tissues, then placed in a sturdy cardboard tube. 

Framed prints and Canvases are wrapped with tissues and placed in a padded box!

My tracking information hasn't updated, what can I do?

This has been more common as there have been growing delays due to COVID19 cases rising again. Your parcel isn't lost. it's probably being held for inspection. Please allow an additional 10 business days after the last tracking update. If after this period nothing has changed then please let me know and I will investigate the issue!

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