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    Working With Disney+

    Star War: Tales of the Jedi By Nashid Chroma

    It was a huge honour to be asked by Disney+ to paint a piece inspired by Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi for their newest campaign. The campaign celebrates the feeling of ✨ home ✨and how that feeling is unique to each person.

    What Does Home Mean to Me? 🏠

    Curating an environment that’s conducive to my creativity is especially important to me as an artist. My home doubles as a studio, as well as a space to unwind and relax. Beyond physical comfort, I want my home to be full of music, stories, and television.

    I loved being able to reflect on the meaning of home throughout the painting process. Disney+ brings a sense of magic and comfort to my home through its collection of movies, documentaries, and series. 💙

    Nashid Chroma Painting

    The Magic Behind the Painting 🎨

    Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is an Original animated short series focusing on the lives of two Jedi: Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. These Jedi are the two primary figures in my painting. I adorned them with visual motifs inspired by their respective journeys, influences, and the feelings that they invoke as characters.

    Ahsoka’s eyes are masked with a blue Trillium flower to represent the blue mark that was placed on her forehead as a baby. The complimentary white flowers are inspired by the distinctive white markings that characterize Ahsoka’s species, the Togruta. I was also inspired by the striking design and visuals of the large sabretooth that Ahsoka encounters. I felt it was an important addition to the painting as the creature plays a significant role in infant Ahsoka’s life, as well as in the discovery of her Jedi powers. Finally, the ruby-coloured crops and adjacent flames that crown her head are representative of the intensity of her journey and hardships.

    Nashid Chroma Painting Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi for Disney Plus

    Count Dooku is adorned with a tree resemblant of the Uneti Tree planted in the Jedi Temple. I chose to highlight this tree as the garden is the backdrop for Dooku’s last moments as a Jedi before turning away from the Order. Dark branches extend into the black background and beyond the edges of the painting to signify his alignment with Darth Sidious.

    The remainder of the painting is embellished with elements that are unique to the Star Wars universe, such as training droids and airspeeders.

    The birds in the centre of this piece represent the middle ground of all the beautiful foliage and nature, and the technology used to fly throughout space in the Star Wars universe. 🕊️

    Nashid Chroma Painting in his Studio