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    Nashid Chroma Mac Miller Art

    This piece was inspired by a documentary on Mac Miller's life which encouraged me to experience his full discography. I had stopped listening to Mac before his unfortunate death, and I hadn't realized how mature his sound had gotten.

    The Divine Feminine had so many smooth and soulful songs about his relationship with the many different women in his life, romantic and familial. Swimming Pools was jokingly named after all the "water" noises he kept asking for in his instrumentals and they create a velvety and cool soundscape. He also started to sing with his raspy and slightly off pitch voice which feels so passionate against the deep instrumentals. Finally Circles is an exceptional posthumous album and is a true culmination of everything he stood for musically.

    I was mastering my control of translating black and white values into colour when I decided to make this piece. The album cover of circles is a beautiful monochrome composition and the sensitivity in the music I heard inspired these light pastel colours. His loss is tragic to the music world but his inspiration still lives on as strong as ever... R.I.P Mac Miller 🤍