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Free Shipping on Orders Over $70 USD


    If you have any questions or concerns about your order - including payment, tracking, or product issues.

    Due to a backlog with the holiday rush and my fiance and I getting Covid at the beginning of the year, please allow up to 72h for us to get back to you! Even if we don't respond right away, we are seeing your emails so any requests to have your address or orders/products changed and will hold the orders! 

    CUSTOM ORDERS: I am currently not taking on any custom orders at the moment, but please stay tuned with my email address and social media handles to keep up to date with when my slots open again!

    ORDER CANCELLATION AFTER POST PURCHASE PROMO - If you place an order with the post purchase promo and get an email that tells your your order was cancelled, please rest assured that this just means that your two separate orders were merged into one new order and you should have that email in your spam folder if you haven't received it in your main inbox!